Coaching differs in so many ways from counselling, mentoring or consulting although many of the skills are similar.  We ask questions, we listen, we ask more questions and we build rapport. We don’t judge, advise or coerce.

As coaches, we focus on the future and empower our clients to discover their own answers through our intuitive questioning. We measure this activity through encouraging the client to establish goals for themselves, based on their own reality, define and work towards actions to achieve the goal and a sense of personal achievement!

But what if the goal lacks purpose? What if it’s a short term goal and delivers a short term hit? Do you need more of them to feel the same level of achievement and fulfilment?

To sustain motivation, engagement and fulfilment the goal needs to be bigger, higher risk…Right?


To find the real purpose behind the goal is the key.  Many people simply react to what happens, based on their own experiences, instead of figuring out what they really want or perhaps more importantly need.

Some people focus on the past and its effect so much that thinking about the future through a positive lens is a challenge in itself. So the life on the hamster wheel begins…repeating the same habits, delivering the same outcomes.  Creativity and dreams crushed!

These goals are often short term goals…and when that goal is achieved what’s left? A feeling of unfulfilment, unsatisfied and the feeling of “is this all there is!”

So if achieving the short term goal is limiting…short sighted…lacks challenge then the goal isn’t really a goal …more of an action.

The purpose behind a goal is critical. When you have purpose and know what you want to achieve then the route to achievement and importantly the growth attained from it sustains happiness. Real growth is achieved and growth equals progress. Progress equals happiness.

To find your purpose, you must know yourself and be truthful about it. Know what’s truly right and know it in your heart and soul not led by fears or what’s going on in your head.

By searching for what’s your purpose in life and working towards that purpose each moment of each day without external affirmation, it will set you free. True fulfilment comes from designing your own life…being true to yourself…always!

What’s your purpose?

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