? How will I know if coaching has been successful?

The success of the coaching session is a measure for you as the client and what level of importance and value you attribute to the chosen topic. Everyone is unique and individuals and will look at things differently as a result of coaching. As your coach I will explore and review this with you at each coaching session so that I understand what’s important to you.

? Why do people come for coaching?

Coaching is non-judgemental and neutral and supports people in finding their own way forward in a confidential and stepped process. Coaching provides the opportunity for people to explore routes to change and become the best they can be in a safe and confidential environment. People who are ready to make change and take steps forward use a coach to help them.

? What does the coach do?

Coaches listen…and then ask insightful often challenging questions about your given topic…creating self-awareness  with time and space to think or reflect about your area under discussion before gently moving you forward to how you will do things differently to achieve positive change. Coaches work with you so that you can become the best you can be. In order to achieve this  your coach will encourage you to decide how to move forward, recording and measuring what you want to achieve…and the difference it makes to you.  You will become more motivated, have clarity on issues that challenge you and gain self-awareness.

? What does it cost?

I offer a bespoke service based on you, your challenges and aspirations.  Give me a call and we can start to explore these during a 60 minute free consultation and together we can discuss the most suitable way forward for you.

? How long do I need to be coached for?

Following on from our 60 minute consultation I will put together a package based on how you would like to use coaching, the frequency of sessions and the method of contact. My aim as a coach is sustainability and not merely a quick fix.  As a bench mark the average coaching relationship is 3– 6 sessions carried out either weekly or fortnightly where each session lasts approximately  45 – 60 minutes. The Life & Career Wellbeing programme offers 4 x 1-1 coaching sessions.

? How do I get started?

It is simple…either pick up the phone, drop me an email or register your interest by completing the enquiry box.  We can hold a 60 minute conversation to explore and answer any further questions that you may have so together we will find the start point that is right for you.

Why not have a look at the exercise to get you started?

I look forward to hearing from you! Drop me a line to let me know how you got on – frances@franceswillerscoaching.co.uk