5 Tips to being Happy every day!


5 Tips to being Happy every day!

It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut. Behaviours quickly become patterns, if we maintain a pattern of negative thinking and only focus on the things that could go wrong then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. We only notice the bad things as that’s all we’re looking at. The good news is that if we are in control of how we feel we have the ability to change our state from low to uplifted.

  1. Body Language

Have you noticed that when you look up, walk tall and smile you feel better. Try striding out, really moving to boost your heart rate. Movement also alters the mood to an upbeat state and increases confidence.

  1. Plan for the day

Have a plan for the day…be clear on what you want to achieve. Know what’s important and what’s urgent-some may… Read More

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What If I you think you can?

I’m a great believer in self-help but I also know that if we seek support and help then often the solution we arrive at is more powerful than if we had merely relied on self alone. It stands to reason really that as individuals we are not able to challenge ourselves in a balanced manner… for me it tends to be all or nothing!

I am an avid supporter of the premise that if you can’t change the situation then change your attitude. In order to challenge your mind-set to enable the stress around the situation to be relived we need a few tricks up our sleeve. By asking ourselves empowering questions we give ourselves the power and permission to overcome an obstacle. However, what generally happens to people when life presents an obstacle, challenge, difficulty or problem is that they usually start… Read More

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What’s your purpose?

Coaching differs in so many ways from counselling, mentoring or consulting although many of the skills are similar.  We ask questions, we listen, we ask more questions and we build rapport. We don’t judge, advise or coerce.

As coaches, we focus on the future and empower our clients to discover their own answers through our intuitive questioning. We measure this activity through encouraging the client to establish goals for themselves, based on their own reality, define and work towards actions to achieve the goal and a sense of personal achievement!

But what if the goal lacks purpose? What if it’s a short term goal and delivers a short term hit? Do you need more of them to feel the same level of achievement and fulfilment?

To sustain motivation, engagement and fulfilment the goal needs to be bigger, higher risk…Right?


To find the real purpose behind… Read More

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Life is too short!

How many times have you heard the comment “life is too short”?

Well it can be! I’m not talking about living today as if it is your last; Blowing the mortgage on a holiday of a life time, weekends spent in luxurious spa’s around the world or a spending spree on beautiful clothes to fill your wardrobe. What I’m talking about is being in the moment. Noticing the things around you…bird song in the morning before you get up and welcome the day in…stunning sunsets, the first snowdrops, bulbs pushing through ground and  the language you use. By framing things in the positive it makes you more positive and upbeat. It changes your body language and how you hold yourself.

I met someone I’d not seen in months and was genuinely delighted to see them.  I asked the usual question “How are you”? And… Read More

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What will Brexit do for your Career?

What will Brexit do for your career?

According to the CIPD The Resourcing and Talent Planning 2017 survey  revealed that in light of Brexit, organisations are placing greater emphasis on developing existing staff, increasing communications and opportunities to listen to employees.

Meanwhile, the Spring 2017 Labour Market Outlook  highlighted a strong, continuing demand for labour against a backdrop of diminishing supply… and if the gap is going to continue or worsen as the Brexit process continues, it will be essential for organisations to invest in building the skills they need and improving their talent pipeline for the future.

The 2017 Resource and Talent Planning survey says that organisations are now most likely to reduce recruitment difficulties by upskilling existing employees to fill hard-to-recruit-for positions.

So in the light of these statements there has never been a better time to re-think, plan and manage… Read More

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Sound familiar… stagnating, drifting or worse burning out? What do you dream of doing or being? How often do you ask yourself “is this it”? Changing career direction can be risky. You may be considering surrendering your current job, income and security to try something new.

What happens if you don’t succeed, or if your new career turns out to be a disappointment? You may also face resistance from family and friends who are concerned that you are making a mistake.

You’ll also have to overcome obstacles in the job market including those nagging self-doubts that go something like this…

“You don’t have any experience.”
“Why do you think you can succeed in this?”
“Why on earth do you want to change career now?”

Self-sabotage is all too common and often the reason for not following the dream.

But more importantly what happens if you don’t address… Read More

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What’s important to you?

What’s important to you?

I read a story recently which stopped me in my tracks and made me think…yes really think about why we as human beings, with the gift of language, readily accept and mirror words  of our peers, parents and politicians with little thought or challenge.

In today’s crazy world it is critical that we are able to develop our own view of our environment; to be informed so that we can determine our own path without hesitation; to be comfortable with our choices and to stay true to them. Only then can we truly say we understand our own values.

The story that stopped and made me think went something like this… a class of 10 year old students were asked to list the 7 Wonders of the World which created some lively debate  and it soon became clear that  some students… Read More

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To do OR To be

“Most of us think too much about what we should do and not enough about what we should be…If we would pay more attention to what we should be, our work would shine forth brightly.” 14th-century mystic Meister Eckhart.

In a world where what we do for a living, our promotion prospects, what our address is and what car we drive not only holds high value but defines our status and our view of self-imagine, what vision would appear if we simply asked ourselves “If I were an animal what would I be”?

Consider the question “what do I want to be when I grow up” and instead ask “Who do I want to be” as this creates a different landscape.

What if instead of creating daunting bucket lists for ourselves, we focus on To Be lists of what we aspire to in our lives… Read More

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Step 5 Buffer time & think differently

Throughout this series of steps to gaining a balance in life I’ve touched on what I believe is balance, time management, time budgeting and re-balancing. With this final step I want to introduce time buffering.

Quite simply this is leaving time in your calendar on a daily basis.  How much time you allocate is up to you and your working environment.  How many interruptions are a part of everyday… 50%, 75% or the 80% work/20% interruptions – Pareto’s principle?  This allocation then becomes your buffer space to deal with the daily routine of interruptions that is, unless you need to change this habit of being available. By dealing with interruptions in this way you are not in danger of becoming stressed or overwhelmed and you can still achieve your planned items and have time to breathe…every day!

Create Breaks

Ensure you build in transition time… Read More

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Step 4 Re- Balance


Having worked on the first 3 steps to determine a strategy for balance, time management and budgeting to gain a better work life balance I am all too aware that many companies reward us for merely being busy rather than being productive or performing well.

We are constantly being chided for “doing nothing” when in reality what we are doing is taking valuable  “thinking time” to work things out before charging in all guns blazing without a backup plan. So invariably the message is “be seen to be busy” or the assumption is you’re not productive and as a result a target for criticism.

Some companies remove chairs and raise desks in the belief that standing up promotes increased productivity, others conduct meetings standing up to prevent slow tedious meetings when in reality these are not the cause of under productivity merely… Read More

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