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I’m Frances, the founder of Frances J Willers Coaching.  

I was recently asked to define the Frances J Willers vision which got me thinking. Everything I do within my coaching practice is focused on reconnecting women with their own power.

When I founded Frances J Willers Coaching I had one aim…to make a difference to women through providing a safe environment for discovery and expression, to find personal truth, freedom and joy within their life and release what is no longer serving them.

It wasn’t until I experienced my own life changing event in my early 50’s that I really started to look deeper within and question life, looking at myself, my life, my values. Although I realised that my past did not define my future I had no idea what I wanted my future to look like at that time.

So I imagined this, sitting in my rocking chair watching the sun go down while reflecting on my life.  What events did I want to recall, What mountains did I want to climb, what made me smile with contentment, warmed by satisfaction and true inner joy?

I realised that I could not re-write my history but I could focus on my future story to change my life.

I’ve faced challenges, I’ve been overwhelmed and I’ve lost direction.  I’ve had goals, dreams and been both inspired and uninspired. So my first step was I needed to know what my dreams were…they’d changed too!

 As a women in the 21st century our identities evolve with the many hats we wear, often changing several times throughout our day with the result that we are frequently pulled every which way leaving us emotionally drained  and physically exhausted.

Our role as women is deeply entrenched in caring, nurturing and teaching leaving us little time for our own personal development and growth.

In fact, when overload is reached frustration, depression and a sense of failure can flood us with feelings of self-doubt, low self-worth and even deep unhappiness.

Women lose themselves and the control over their own lives when there are too many plates spinning.

As if all that wasn’t enough life can often be brutal, battering and belittling as we experience and carry our disappointments and rejections that redundancy, divorce and bereavements have on us.

Our armour plating gets dented, damaged or even destroyed reducing our ability to bounce back, resilient and ready for the next round.

I am a firm believer that Life is to be lived and so I work with you to

  • Build Self-awareness in relation to your current behaviours
  • Develop the ability to recognise your triggers
  • Gain insights and techniques of your self-care
  • Increase ability to relax with greater connection to the true you
  • Develop strategies of self-compassion & mindfulness to cope with long & short term stress

So you CAN live a life you love


Change your story…change your life


P.S. I can’t wait to meet you!


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