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Frances Willers

My dream job is to coach people, particularly women who are working really hard to keep their heads above water, achieve their dream job, carve out a satisfying career, have a family, spend quality time with family and friends AND keep it all in balance.

All too often being over tired, stressed out from juggling the daily routine of the school run, followed by the dash to work and hope that it’s not noticed you’re late in for the third time this month, care of elderly parents, taxing children to the range of growing activities that turns you into an accident waiting to happen.

I learnt this the hard way too. I was caring for my elderly, demanding mother who didn’t really want to understand that my work was not only important to me but key to my finances. She lived about an hour away so the distress calls that often required a midnight drive to rediscover her lost glasses, kettle, and medication where gruelling. Managing a demanding role with travel throughout the south west meant time with friends became less frequent and going out with my husband a thing of the past.  Then unthinkable happened, a cancer diagnosis to my husband when I was still reeling from losing my mum; I handed in my notice to focus on the main person…my husband. Nearly four years on, I miss him like it was yesterday and my life is very different. I retrained to follow my dreams to become a Personal Performance coach.

With my background in HR, learning & development I look holistically at the whole person, your life style, understand your values and beliefs before moving on to explore your dreams.

Together we work on achieving your outcomes and goals to raise your self-awareness and to inspire positive change in your life…whether it’s about achieving balance for your work and life or career choices I can help you gain clarity and identify the steps to get it.

I empower and inspire you through my Personal &Career Wellbeing Coaching to take positive, proactive and practical steps forward to have a life & career that works for you.

I work with passion and integrity; to support, encourage and inspire you to recognise your potential & identify what it is that’s important to you and to take control.

You can be, do and have the life & career you want…if you want it enough!

Interested…Let’s talk!

Take the first steps now by putting yourself first and take control over your life and career wellbeing by having a free 30 minute consultation with me to discover what coaching is and how it can work for you. OR 07815704078




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