Personal & Career Wellbeing Coach

Frances Willers

I help people to understand that their future Life & Career are NOT determined by choices made in the past.

I support individuals who are lost, confused or just plain bored with their life, careers, jobs and wanted a brighter future.

I work with people who want to achieve balance in their life & career to move to a positive attitude and focused wellbeing.

I inspire change in individuals who feel their life & career  options have stagnated.

Many of us make choices that affect our career choice at an early age. At school and university we focus our energies on studying subjects with very little idea of how well they will actually equip us in the world of employment other than we are good at them!

Ask yourself:

  • Are you in your comfort zone but hate your job, your environment?
  • Are you sleep poor, time poor and work all hours?
  • Do you wake up grumpy?
  • Are you negative about your work when your talk about it?
  • Are you career fatigued?

Sound Familiar?

The career has become routine, lacks challenge, stretch or interest…the role is so familiar, comfortable and safe…you feel trapped!

Trapped by your very own choices that no longer fit your lifestyle; the balance of your life you desire or provide the flexibility you need to fit the rest of your life around.

You are trapped by your own aspirations that no longer fit your values or beliefs.

From my base in the Cotswolds I use my HR, Recruitment and Coaching skills, knowledge and experience to identify, challenge and develop you into becoming the best you can be.

Together we work on achieving your outcomes and goals to raise your self-awareness and to inspire positive change in your life…whether it’s about  career choices or dealing with achieving balance for your work and life  I can help you gain clarity and identify the steps to get it.

I empower and inspire you through my Personal & Career Wellbeing Coaching to take positive, proactive and practical steps forward to have a life & career  that works for you.

I work with passion and integrity; to support, encourage and inspire you to recognise your potential & identify what it is that’s important to you and to take control.

You can be, do and have the Life & career you want…if you want it enough!

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