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Frances Willers


The world is changing and so is the world of work and how we live. From our early education to career opportunities; to life and life style choices we are experiencing phenomenal change.

We work longer hours, we work longer years before we retire, the pace of life is quicker, technology rules our life, we live in an era of instant communication…yet we are not engaging. We are in danger of burn out…rocketing stress levels, increased life limiting disease, intense working hours, competitive targets at work and the pace of life at home is just as charged.

What is clear that as human beings unless we engage, look forward, become curious ,rise to the challenge to develop life resilience our ability to survive, develop and grow will stagnate…even erode!

As a coach I work with organisations that value the wellbeing of their workforce and seek to support them to positively embrace the workplace.

I work with  individuals who value their own wellbeing and want to be the best they can be. After all we spend thousand of pounds on maintaining our cars, houses, pets, sports equipment and neglect our own minds and bodies…that is until our minds and bodies are at breaking point.

With my background in HR, learning & development I look holistically at the whole person, life, work to understand the motivations.

Together we work on achieving outcomes to raise self-awareness, gain clarity and to inspire positive change … to enhance wellbeing. Let’s not ignore our minds and bodies a moment longer!

I empower and inspire through my Life & Career Wellbeing Coaching to take positive, proactive and practical steps forward to have a life & career that works.

I work with passion and integrity; to support, encourage and inspire to recognise potential & identify what it is that’s important.

Interested…Let’s talk!

Take the first steps by booking a consultation with me to discover what coaching is and how it can work for you. OR 07815704078




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Within Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) there is no such thing as an un-resourceful person, just an un-resourceful state. By being able to manage your state so that you are able to remain resourceful, even in the most challenging situations it is clearly of huge value and benefit whatever you do, wherever you are, both personally and professionally.

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